Facility Management

Organizations must be as flexible as the people who compose it. Therefore, the available resources must be used exclusively for the main operations of the organization and not be consumed in other activities.


Real estate management as a business activity is developed in parallel and should now meet the organization’s contemporary requirements, covering the technological complexity and demands of any business infrastructure.


Consequently, all the knowledge and experience we have in this field, is used with the main objective to undertake these tasks and take advantage of our expertise for the benefit of the customer, through proper operation of its facilities.


REDEX offers innovative solutions in technical management and operations for the entire range of building facilities and networks. By applying flexible maintenance programs and adopting environmentally responsible and internationally proven practices, the company guarantees the proper function of organizations and prolongs the lifetime of their facilities, providing added value to its customers and protecting the value of their investment.


By exploiting the scale economies achieved through the management of a significant number of building facilities and the installation of intelligent real-estate management systems, we save money to our customers, relieving them from the complex and time-consuming coordination of multiple teams and partners.


The overall management of the facilities is directed by a central authority and through a single contract, with a single fixed annual cost. Among our customers, leading Greek and international companies are included operating in office buildings, stores, shopping and exhibition centers, distribution centers, as well as industrial facilities and residential complexes.

Facility Management Services


The term preventative maintenance is referred to the scheduled maintenance of electrical and mechanical installations.

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The soft services provided by REDEX are about assuming responsibility for all or some of the non-technical services.

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REDEX is specialized in providing a wide range of services, which complement the main activities of its customers.

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