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REDEX offers specialized services and flexible solutions for the construction, re-construction, renovation and modification, of buildings, offices, hotels, stores and other business premises, undertaking complex and demanding projects as regards their specifications and time of delivery, ready for use by the customer.

highly-experienced executives and accumulated know-how in the construction field, our company is able to implement demanding projects characterized by its modern aesthetic approach, the use of advanced technologies and saving or resources.


By focusing on the specific needs of each client, we undertake all kinds of building and electromechanical tasks, while offering architectural design and space-configuration services through our design department, which is composed by a team of experienced architects and decorators, with the possible option to extend cooperation in the field of Property Management Services.

Depending on the
specifications, requirements and budget of each project, we cover the fixed and mobile equipment of the commercial premises, using customized solutions or tested products by Greek and international firms.

Our customer database in the field of constructions includes projects in the private and public sector for Major Greek or international firms and Embassies, in premises such as offices, stores, malls, etc.



  • Competitive cost
  • Flexibility
  • Speed and accuracy in delivery time (we never deviate from the given date of delivery)
  • Ability to complete successfully demanding and complex projects (eg reconstruction of a separate office building with a surface of 6500m2 within 30 days)
  • Certainty and stability and of course the mutual trust we have developed with our clients

REDEX undertakes to carry out the reconstruction of any office, regardless of size, complexity or other special requirements. In recent years, our company has gained a powerful clientele consisting of large organizations and multinational corporations.


REDEX provides the proper structure with a complete project team (architect, engineer, construction manager, project manager, etc) with valuable experience in the field of each project, focusing on the end-user satisfaction.


Since the beginning of each project, there is a continuous two-way communication between the company and the client, to immediately address any issues arising and to perform all tasks, exactly as have been specified by the designer. In this way, we always achieve the desired result, which fully fulfils the client’s expectations and forms an excellent work environment in every respect.


REDEX undertakes the implementation of the construction or reconstruction of hotel complexes throughout Greece, always in collaboration with the customer and his partners. The range of projects is extremely wide and includes constructions that vary in size, complexity and requirements.


The coherence of the elements of all the projects implemented by REDEX, is the timely delivery, the excellent quality of construction, the observance of the project budget but also the safety of all employees and all generally involved.


The internal configuration of each store requires a systematic approach and proper planning of works, so as to avoid any delays in project delivery – thus essential for companies operating in the retail sector – with no defects, construction faults or deviations from the original budget.


We have highly qualified personnel in stores / malls reconstructions, an advantage that allows us to undertake and deliver commercial facilities of any size, ready for use, while abiding by the most stringent time lines and constantly focusing on achieving the lowest possible cost for our customer, without deviating from the quality standards, so as to achieve an aesthetically and functionally perfect result.

  • Embassies

REDEX has successfully completed a number of reconstructions in Embassies and Consulates, which are characterized by high demands and specific requirements, particularly in security and confidentiality issues.

Examples include the Embassies of Turkey, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania. The confidence in us shown by the above organizations, confirms the reliability, consistency and leadership of REDEX in its field.


  • Various Projects

Apart from the numerous construction projects in the tourism industry, commercial businesses and industrial buildings, REDEX has successfully implemented the creation of Data Centers for large companies and organizations.


Study - Design - Decoration of business premises

The main task of REDEX is the implementation of reconstruction projects, according to the desired architectural design. If the latter is not available, our company has the corresponding design department, which is composed by a team of experienced architects and decorators and undertakes to design the relevant blueprints, always taking into account your wishes and needs.

The chief architect is in continuous contact with the rest of the REDEX’s team in the reconstruction project, to ensure maximum flexibility and immediate response to any changes.

The design department of REDEX is also responsible for the configuration and submission of proposals for the architectural aesthetic upgrading of any space, its interior design, as well as local architectural interventions for special occasions, such as presentations and conferences.


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