Penny Mila

In-house architect/Space planner

Penny was added to REDEX’s team in 2009, having more than ten years of experience in architectural studies, with regard to interior design, fit-out works, designing small projects, interior design and others.

Before REDEX Penny was the co-founder of the architectural firm MP architects & Associates, a well-known architectural firm, where she participated in many clerical and residential projects, from the initial design stage to the final details of construction.

She is experienced in the application of Greek General Construction Regulation relaying works / renovations and her proven experience can present projects of some of the major Greek and multinational companies.

Penny is the visionary of our team, turning our customers’ desires in real work environment to achieve a result, apart from the usual expectations and create sustainable and functional solutions.

Penny holds a BA (Hons) in Architecture from North London University, PGDiploma in Architecture from London South Bank University-RIBA II and Design MA in interior design from the University of Middlessex.