Power quality improvement, losses of power transformer reduction and energy savings

The aim of the project was to improve power quality, reduce losses of power transformer , and electricity savings in Marras bros flour mills s.a. in Corinthos.

Electrical measurements were made in low voltage field. For the delivery of the project specific measurements were made and specific certifications were given in the compliance with international standards

  • Carried purchase and installation of Medium voltage power transformer 20KV / 400V 1250 KVA CU / CU / oil type, low loss
  • The project involved disconnecting from the medium voltage and low voltage, uninstall the existing power transformer and installation and connection to the medium voltage and low voltage, the new power transformer
  • The project was completed in one day with a precise project calendar in order not to create delays and downtime to the production of the factory
  • For the execution and completion of the project more than 5 people worked (electrical engineers – skilled craftsmen)

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