Power Quality Optimization System - Energy Saving (P.Q.O.S) & - lighting Upgrade - Μodernization

The aim of the project was to save electricity in order to improve power quality, reduce distribution losses of the electrical network and upgrade – modernization the lighting with LED tehnology, for plant and bottling company Green Cola soft drinks in Lepti Orestiada area.

According to the study the quaranteed savings was 9,7% annually, and with measured performance twelve months after the completion of the project on 11,8%. The percentage refers only to the reduction of Kwhs and has not been calculated the included benefit of improving the quality characteristics of electrical sizes.

Electrical measurements were performed in more than 30 points in the central panels and low voltage subpanels in production areas. For the delivery of the project specific measurements were made and specific certifications were given in agreement with international standards.

  • There were 8 P.Q.O.S. system interventions
  • There were 320 energy upgrading interventions of factory lighting.
  • The construction part of the project (installation and connection of P.Q.O.S. systems and installation and connection of lighting systems) lasted 2 weeks with a precise project log, without the production process of the plant being affected
  • For the execution and completion of the project more than 10 people worked (Electrical engineers – skilled craftsmen)
  • Reduction of CO2 330 tons annually

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