Upgrade-modernization of the electric power quality optimization system - Energy Savings

The aim of the project was to upgrade-modernization of the electric power system, to improve quality and reduce distribution losses in plastic-film industry EUROFILM MANTZARIS S.A  Tsakiri, Zevgolatio Korinthia.

Quaranteed savings according to the study was 5.3% of measured performance and after completion of the project the result was 9,1%.

The annual consumption before the installation of the systems was 6.156.000 KWhs. Electrical measurements were performed in more than 25 locations in the central panels and low voltage subpanels in production areas. For the delivery of the project specific measurements were made and specific certifications were given in compliance with international standards.

  • There were 10 P.Q.O.S. system interventions
  • The project (connection and system installation ) lasted 15 days with a precise time schedule
  • For the execution and completion of the project more than 10 people worked (Electrical engineers –  skilled craftsmen)
  • Reduction of CO2 616,27 tons , annually.

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