Technical Maintenance

texniki_upostiriksiThe term preventative maintenance is referred to the scheduled maintenance of electrical and mechanical installations, which aims to maintain their proper and smooth functioning, as well as the reduction of possible future damage.

Special attention is paid to comply with the requirements, so as to preserve the existing equipment warranty. For the preparation and implementation of the regular maintenance program, a working group is selected, which is composed by the chief engineer, the maintainers of the facilities and where appropriate, the corresponding external specialized teams.

Interventional maintenance (faults) involves the repair of any type of confirmed or reported damage or malfunction, restoring proper functioning.

REDEX technical support

elevatorREDEX technical support covers the following sections:

  • High & Low Electrical Currents
  • Grounding Systems and Lightning protection
  • Lighting (interior and exterior)
  • Lifts
  • Escalators
  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Closed-circuit Surveillance Systems
  • Access Monitoring Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
  • Power-generating Pairs
  • Water supply-sewerage-rain drainage systems
  • Cooling-Heating-Ventilation
  • Automation facilities
  • Building Surveillance Systems
  • Pump stations, etc.

All maintenance (preventive or invasive) operations, the emergency response operations and anything new that occasionally arises, is executed and fulfilled by the highly trained staff of REDEX, while if additional specialized teams are required, the agreements we have concluded with external contractors ensure prompt response to every need.

The cooperation with external service-stations is a result of research and evaluation through the certified ISO procedures, so that the quality of services is steadily optimized, always exceeding the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Help Desk Service

help_deskREDEX provides the Help Desk Service, which is available at all hours and days for any customer’s request regarding the operations of their building facilities.

The requests mainly refer to technical support (repair of critical faults in the electromechanical equipment), as well as in special cleaning and security services.

In order to ensure in each case the customer’s contact with REDEX, so that immediate response is guaranteed, we have created the following communication channels with our customers:

Help Desk (during working hours/days):

      • Contact Redex Call Center: 2111820240
      • Watch guard: 6936515050 (active 24/7/265)
      • Email:  (active 24/7/365)
      • Direct visit with the company executives, the local technicians and engineers-visitors