Soft Services

soft02The soft services provided by REDEX are about assuming responsibility for all or some of the non-technical services necessary for the operation of any facility, such as cleaning services, security, catering, rat extermination, which ensure that the staff works in a safe, clean and productive environment.
Our services are characterized by a highly customer-orientated approach, so that the final recipient remains focused on daily operations.

Our success in the management of services arises from the level of knowledge our employees have, the effort to optimize the company’s budget management and to improve services in order to guarantee quality and cost reduction.

Green Services

ypiresies_prasinouThe services provided by REDEX include maintenance of existing gardens, their enrichment and embellishment, as well as the management of water resources in our clients’ facilities.

A specialized team headed by a qualified agronomist prepares the green maintenance schedule, according to the specific needs of each project and undertakes the execution of respective regular tasks.

Examples of such tasks is trimming, cleaning and ventilation of lawn, trimming of trees and bushes, basic lubrication of the lawn and plants, removal of weeds and useless objects, operation control of the irrigation system and its programming, control and implementation of plant protection with suitable preparations to combat pests and diseases, removal of organic residues in the garden (leaves, branches, grass clippings) and their disposal, as well as landscape restoration tasks and replacement of damaged plants due to unforeseen extreme weather conditions.

The application of plant protection measures is preventive for common diseases, to avoid their rapid spread and sedative, if diagnosed. The aforementioned operations aim at proper development of plants in the garden and an excellent aesthetic result.

Cleaning Services

katharismos05This includes the regular periodic cleaning of our clients’ facilities, according to the program drawn up depending on the specific needs of each user, in order to ensure the best possible working and residence conditions, as well as initial or unscheduled cleaning operations conducted at the request of the customer.

The personnel executing the cleaning operations are highly specialized with experience and knowledge, using contemporary means (washing-drying machines, rotary machines, multi-turn polishing machines, liquid and dust absorbing machines, machines for cleaning rugs and carpets, cleaning-pressing machines, steam cleaning machines, etc) which enable them to achieve the desired result.

On a daily basis, the equipment and machinery are cleaned after each use and are checked for any malfunction. The qualified personnel that uses the equipment, inform the shift supervisor so that any malfunction can be restored immediately. On a periodic basis, the cleaning machines are maintained by the manufacturer.

All cleaning materials are state-of-the-art products of high quality and standards, in full compliance with the Quality, Safety & Health Management Systems implemented by Redex.

The cleaning products that have been selected are approved (bear a certificate of registration in the special register for detergents) by the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece. The disinfectant products bear necessarily approval (marketing authorization) by the National Organization for Medicines and CE labeling. All the aforementioned products are accompanied by a Technical Specifications Sheet and a Security Data Sheet in Greek, respecting all the requirements of the EU Directive 91/155. Special care is taken with respect to their properties, that is, to be as much as possible biodegradable, environmentally friendly and less harmful to the user.

Facilities Security Services

securityThese services incorporate static security guards, patrol guards and electronic supervision. The static guarding is adapted to the requirements of each customer and their premises, performed by highly trained staff (security licensees). The security guards are permanently settled; they observe the areas under control using state-of-the-art electronic means and are able to communicate with the Alarm Receiving Center of REDEX anytime.

Security guarding, among others, aims to avoid damage and sabotages, as well as to prevent thefts. Other services are the discretionary ban of entry and the removal of “undesirable” visitors, the implementation of regulations (such as the ban on smoking within the premises), etc.

The guards are responsible for the safety of the facilities (opening, closure, space security, fire protection, and rational use of various devices) and also report faults to the qualified technician of the premises, as well as the general manager, either by direct contact or through special forms of comments.

The security personnel are trained on prevention issues and methods of response to terrorist acts, fire safety techniques, public relations, robberies as well as on any ad hoc tasks they might undertake.

Our employees are selected so as to be distinguished for their discretion and honesty, to have communication skills, to cooperate excellently with the authorities (Police, Paramedics, Fire-fighters, etc) and to be able to manage emergencies, to be familiar with the basic functions and handling of all safety systems and to provide immediate report to the technical department of REDEX in case of any malfunction of critical systems, such as the alarm system.